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iPhone X is a wonderful piece of engineering, but when you are on a contract with any carrier, you may be thinking about how to unlock your iPhone X and start using a SIM from another carrier. It’s quite certain that you will have a good reason for doing so. It could be that you are planning an overseas trip and don't want to be saddled with a massive roaming bill when you come back, or it could just be that you don't get a really good signal with your current carrier where you live or where you work.

Whatever your reasons might be, it's good to be aware of the proper and improper ways of unlocking your device from its carrier. For example, doing a software unlock was fashionable once upon a time and it really worked; but that's not the case any longer, and trying to unlock your iPhone X with jailbreaking or other software is only going to put you in a lot of trouble because your device might be bricked in the process; or, if you try and fiddle with the hardware in some way to unlock the device, you will end up with a voided warranty.

The only way to avoid such situations is to either contact your carrier to unlock the iPhone X, or apply with an authorized and certified unlock service provider for iPhone. The second method is cheaper and quicker, as you’ll see.

Unlock iPhone X

How does the Unlock iPhone X Process Work?

Simply verify your IMEI on our website’s checker to see if your device is qualified for an unlock. unlockdoctor.net will quickly tell you whether you are eligible, after which you can easily place a pre-order to unlock your iPhone X.

Once successful, you will receive an email with an unlock code and instructions to unlock your device using iTunes. Use the code and follow the instructions, and in a matter of minutes you will be able to insert a SIM from any other UK carrier because you are now in possession of an unlocked iPhone X. More importantly, unlockdoctor.net ensures that it is done in a legal and above-board manner that will not jeopardize your warranty or your contract with your carrier.

If you don’t want to worry about potential pitfalls and disabled devices, then IMEI whitelisting should be your only option to unlock iPhone X or any other Apple smartphone from its UK carrier’s network lock.

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