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If you currently own a device that is on contract with any carrier, you cannot unlock iPhone 7/7 Plus using a software or hardware unlock. If you do, the worst thing that can happen is that your device can be permanently disabled and you will not be able to use it with a SIM from any carrier in the world. Even if you’re lucky, you’re very likely lose quite a bit of money, time and effort attempting these methods.

Is there a Legal Method to Permanently Unlock iPhone 7/7 Plus?

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Fortunately, there is. It’s very straightforward and does not require the use of any complex software that could brick your phone. Nor does it involve opening your device to modify the hardware to allow the use of another SIM. The process is called IMEI whitelisting, and you can only do this with the certified iPhone unlock service provider like unlockdoctor.net .

The steps that you need to take are simple. First, do an online IMEI check on your device using the tool provided on this website. Once you know your eligibility, simply order an unlock for the device in question and await unlock instructions that will arrive via email.

We will whitelist your IMEI number from your carrier database. Obviously, this requires special access that only a few providers are granted. You can free your device from the tethers of your carrier in just a few minutes with iTunes. This will allow you to use any alternate SIM, which is extremely useful when you travel overseas and do not want to be shocked by humongous roaming bills when you get back home.

You may also want to try out other networks because they offer different bundled services or simply because they offer better signal coverage in your area. Whatever the reason, doing an unlock on iPhone 7/7 Plus will give you the freedom of choice over the course of your contract period.

To unlock iPhone 7/7 Plus, only use a trusted service like unlockdoctor.net . With more than a million iPhone unlocks to our credit across several countries, we are more than qualified to offer you a painless and affordable iPhone 7/7 Plus unlock experience.

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