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If you are looking to unlock an iPhone 6/6 Plus while on contract with a carrier, be aware that even though several methods are advertised online, there are only two legitimate ways to unlock an iPhone. The more convenient of these two methods is called IMEI whitelisting.

What is IMEI Whitelisting to Unlock iPhone 6/6 Plus from a UK Carrier?

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While other methods like software or hardware unlocking use suspect and unapproved techniques to circumvent your device’s carrier lock, IMEI whitelisting uses the accepted approach approved by both your carrier as well as Apple.

The process involves accessing Apple’s GSX database and your UK carrier’s database to change the status of your IMEI from locked to unlocked. Despite the complex backend process that this involves, it can be carried out in as little as a week. Depending on the device model and the carrier, users have even got their iPhones unlocked in as soon as 24 hours.

Although the process itself requires extensive work behind the scenes, you will not have to deal with any of that. All you need to do is first validate your eligibility for an unlock by using the IMEI checker on unlockdoctor.net , and then place an order for an unlock for your iPhone 6/6 Plus. The next step is to find a comfortable chair and settle in, because there's nothing else required from you. Once we complete the work, an email will be sent to you in a secure manner containing your unlock code and instructions to use it to free your device from your UK carrier’s network lock.

Be warned that there are unscrupulous individuals and companies that will lure you into paying hundreds of pounds to unlock your iPhone 6/6 Plus. They will guarantee the world but deliver nothing other than disappointment and a huge dent in your wallet. Using a trusted service provider like unlockdoctor.net allows you to enjoy peace of mind along with more than a million other iOS device users who have successfully had their iPhones unlocked by us. If we are unable to unlock your device for any reason whatsoever, your order will be refunded in full, and you can be sure that no other provider will be able to unlock that particular device.

unlockdoctor.net ’s service can save you money and headaches by helping you stay away from illegitimate methods of unlocking your iPhone that could put you and your device at risk.

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