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When you unlock iPhone 4S from its network, you open your device to a wide range of experiences with SIMs from other carriers. The benefits are many, but so are the risks, and this is something you need to be aware of before you approach anyone to unlock your iPhone 4S from the carrier it is currently locked to.

The risks of doing an illegitimate unlock for any iOS device are considerable. For example, doing a software unlock for your iPhone using a method similar to jailbreaking may not be considered as legal, but it can end up bricking your device and rendering it permanently unusable. Another ill-advised method is hardware unlocking, which involves modifying your iPhones internals to allow other SIMs to be used in the device. The risk here is permanent damage to your device, which is certainly not worth taking.

Legal Way to Unlock iPhone 4S

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The only legal way to unlock iPhone 4S from its carrier’s restrictions is to apply for an IMEI whitelist for your device. You can do that with the carrier, but it involves extensive paperwork and could put you out of pocket several hundred pounds in the process. The more affordable and quicker way is to approach an online unlock service provider like unlockdoctor.net , which is certified and authorized to offer such services.

You must understand that whitelisting your device’s IMEI can't be done by just anyone. unlockdoctor.net has privileged access to modify the status of your SIM and device from locked to unlocked. This will allow you to use another SIM of your choice, either from a different carrier or one from a local carrier when you travel overseas.

unlockdoctor.net has over a million iPhone users that will testify to the fact that our service is one of the best in the world. Our digital presence spans multiple countries and we are honoured to be granted privileged access with all the biggest mobile service providers on the planet. Our standing with these carriers, as well as with Apple, is such that we are one of a very few companies that can legitimately offer to unlock iPhone 4S or any other iPhone right up to iPhone X and the upcoming iPhone XS.

Simply check your IMEI status on our website and then apply for an iPhone unlock for your iPhone 4S and, in just a few days, you could be holding a legally and permanently unlocked device in your hands. Beware of unscrupulous websites that offer free or cheap unlocking services, because they could end up taking your money and leaving your device exactly as it was before; worse, they’ll tell you it’s free but steal your device details for nefarious purposes. Only use a trusted unlock service provider for iPhone such as unlockdoctor.net , and rest assured that we deliver on our commitment just as we have delivered to our million-plus customers - and counting.

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